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Meadow November 26-30

Our Christmas Show dance practice has been picking up pace. We boogie and rock everyday – waving our arms and wiggling our bottoms! Costumes and accessories have been completed in time for our pamphlet photo shoot. Thank you, Parents for preparing the costumes.

Below are links to the 2 songs that we are dancing to. Perhaps our little ones can sing along at home or even show some dance moves!

Not forgetting fresh air and play, Meadow enjoyed their time in the outdoor too. Exploring the environment is always good learning. We realised that there are no more acorns to pick nor pretty flowers. Why? Winter is coming. We feel the season change as it becomes colder. We bundle up more with thicker jackets, sweaters and scarfs. 

We reviewed the month’s topics and letters sounds. The class has been increasing their vocabulary as they learn more letter sounds and topics. Meadow was introduced a new shape – square, in addition to circle, star and triangle.

We had our little ISN birthday party for the November kids. Meadow had 2 children who turned 3 in the month of November. Happy 3rd Birthday! It is the end of Autumn. Next week, we welcome Winter with warm open arms!! Brrrrrrrr… ❄️☃️ Have a wonderful weekend.