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Beautiful flowers, beautiful creativity きれいなお花に見事な創造力

Hello everyone!
The weather has been getting colder and the class has been spending more time inside. For a very good reason, though: there is two weeks left until the Christmas presentation of “Mystery Destination”  and the preparations are still intense.
This week, the students have finished choreographing the final dance of the play, inspired by folk Irish dances, set to folk Irish music. Their steps are getting visibly better every day and their acting skills are improving with every line said. The students seem to be very excited too and keep on singing their songs throughout their playtime and project time activities. Over the next two weeks, they will continue practicing every day to make it even better and we appreciate all of the parents’ help in practicing the lines and dances with the students and preparing the costumes and accessories. 😊
The students’ painting of other ship passengers on the stage backdrops have also been completed and they have been working on making their own paper craft flower pots to be used in the final scenes of the play. The students seemed to love doing this and having the chance to unleash their creativity. They used recycled boxes for flower pots, chopsticks for the steps and colorful paper for the flowers itself. Don’t they look wonderful? 🌺
This week the students picked the hoshigaki they hung on the school balcony some time ago and ate them as a snack after lunch. The hoshigaki were very sweet and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Have a nice weekend! ⛄
段々寒くなってきて、教室内で過ごす時間が多くなってきました。ですが、クリスマスパフォーマンスまで残すところ2週間となり、未知の目的地(ミステリー デスティネーション)の演劇の準備にとても集中することが出来ています。
今週は、アイルランドの民族舞踊からアイディアを得て、アイルランドの民族音楽にあわせて、演劇の最後のダンスの振り付けを終えました。日に日にステップが上達してきて、演技も台詞とともに上達してきています! みんなとてもワクワクしながら取り組んでいて、自由時間や放課後のプロジェクトの時間でもくちずさんで歌っています。今後2週間、より良い演技を披露できるよう毎日練習をしていきます。お家でのお父さんお母さんの台詞やダンスのサポートや衣装などの準備に感謝しています。😊