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Investigating, comparing, and choosing

Which country would you like to visit? What would it be like to live there? What would be the same and what would be different to living here in Matsumoto, Japan?
These are the questions that are currently dominating the discussions in ISN Elementary Class. Clean water, fresh air, and plenty of nutritious foods are hard to beat in the wonderful prefecture of Nagano. However students are keen to find out what life is like for other students in different countries around the world.
Students have looked closely at their own lives, conducted surveys, and recorded information; so far we have selected eating, drinking, traveling, playing, exercising, sleeping, learning, working, and staying healthy. Although there are many aspects of daily life, students are using the information they have gathered so far as a basis for comparison with life in other countries. As well as our day to day needs, we are investigating other activities that children from other places might be involved in. Examining cultural, geographical, and customary facts, ISN Elementary Class students are realizing just how different lives can be for other children their own age. In the coming weeks we look forward to compiling the information we have deemed interesting and important, concluding our ideas, and justifying our comparisons.