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Rainbow Sept. 5-9

Summer is over! So, goodbye summer! Hello fall!
It was a beautiful day in the park and it was good to be back! The kids were missing the fun in the outside pool though but they were all so energetic and excited when they heard the word “park”. Walking towards the park nearby wasn’t an issue for them at all. They enjoyed walking together in two lines while holding the ring in between and raised one hand up when traversing. Not only that, it’s also good to be back in the gym. They were all pretty excited and made a beautiful line when they practiced for the Sports Festival next week! I guess, everyone’s excited for the upcoming event. And we’re all looking forward to it!
For the month’s theme, the kids are learning about the food’s name and on how to respond to the questions like “Do you like pizza?”, “Do you like ice-cream?” to name a few. They responded with a thumbs up for “Yes, I do!” and thumbs down for “No, I don’t!”
For the related activity, they made a “Lemon Stamp” out of a squeezed lemon and dipped into different paint colors like “blue, green, red and yellow and most of them recognized all four. They also colored some fruits and vegetables as an exercise, almost all have recognized all the food and its colors.
In this week, the kids are also slowly getting really independent. They are now seated on their own chairs while trying to change their clothes. They are also now taking their towels with them to keep inside their bag after washing their hands in the afternoon.
In toddlers life, we all know that they are famously picky eaters. For some kids, it’s always a struggle to let them finish their food and to eat on their own. And for that, to somehow lessen the struggle and to motivate them to empty their plate by themselves. We made a deal to give them stickers as a reward once they’re done! So far so good. They were all happy and excited to get stickers.
We wrapped our week with a question and answer portion like “What’s your name?” – “I’m … and “How old are you?” Some just turned three and answered “I’m three years old” while showing three fingers. But majority are two years old.
I hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend!
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AYU: SshHh.. be quiet please sit down, please sit down. Listen, listen, listen. (Ayu singing the song while Rin calls out their names. Cute tiny teachers!)
NO WORDS! Caught them hugging each other when Mikoto was crying! What to say? It made my day!
Do you like ice-cream? YES I do? or NO I don’t?

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Do you like pizza? “Yes I do!”

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YES I DO! (Thumbs up!)
How old are you? “I’m two years old.”

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