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Our exciting next transdisciplinary theme: Sharing the planet

Students are learning about the importance of drinking fluids every day. On Tuesday we measured just how much water/tea we drank from when we got out of bed in the morning to 4.00 in the afternoon. Each student had a cup with a 100ml mark on it. Every time they drank 100ml they had to record it on a chart. Then we put the information into a graph so that we could compare students’ totals easily.
This study of water consumption is the start of our new unit of study entitled: “What if….?” If you lived in another place in the world, how would it be different and how would it be the same as living here in Matsumoto, Japan? We are investigating the concept of “equal opportunities” for children in different countries around the world. We will look at their unique cultures and environments as well as the ways they provide water, food, shelter and education to their communities.
This week we have also begun to plan our Christmas Show play. It is sure to be a lot of fun and will include singing, dancing as well as acting. Students in Elementary Class will be writing the play as part of their language studies. They have already chosen the plot and some of the characters.
We continue to thank all the families who are collecting PET bottle lids for us to count. Our current total is 11, 617. Students are very keen to count to a much higher number so please keep sending them in. Everyone in our class is benefiting from this experience; their use and understanding of numbers is certainly being enhanced.