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The Project Sept 2

The Project have enjoyed their summer. We are now quickly focusing back to our normal school routine.
Our theme for this month is farming. Included in farming is the farmer’s responsibility to take care of the animals on the farm. We are focusing on the six main farm animals this week. The name of the male, female and baby animals. We have completed crossword puzzles and word searches, now we are writing the names ourselves. We paired up and each team made a chart for one of the six animals. They wrote the names of the animals and then drew a picture. They turned out fantastic! The Project had a lot of fun with this activity.
We are working on our vocabulary and speaking while typing now. We are doing learning activities that have words and letters to type. We say the word or letters out loud as we are typing. This gives us an all-around learning experience in that we see the word or letters, we speak them, we hear them, and we type them.