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ISN Summer Program: Getting our creative juices flowing! (Aug.17-19)

This has been a short week, though we still tried to maximize our time and did various activities. Everyone was excited to tell their holiday stories last Wednesday. As part of our morning routine, we ran a few laps on the exercise track and practiced for the Sports Festival. We tweaked the ball relay and played other games, as well.
In Math, we focused mainly on 3D shapes (sphere, cube, cuboid, cone, pyramid, cylinder). The students were able to identify them correctly. They also tried drawing 3D shapes, though some of them needed assistance. They were advised to use a ruler in order to make straighter lines.
In language, we carried on with cartoons and documentaries. They have learned the words “cartoonists” and “animators“. Since we have been practicing an inquiry-based learning, the students were asked, “Which animal do you think lives the longest/shortest?”.  They drew and wrote their answers down on a piece of paper and presented them to the class. Afterwards, we watched a couple of short clips about the 10 longest and shortest living animals in the world. They were amazed to know that a specific type of jellyfish lives the longest as it is known to be immortal while mayflies live the shortest as they can only last a day. Moreover, we started discussing comic strips/comic books and their basic parts. They learned about panels, gutters, speech balloons, bubbles, sound effects, and titles. Most of the Summer Program students have already made their own comic strip. They used their creativity and imagination;  and successfully came up with funny and interesting stories.
This morning, we did our second Scavenger Hunt as it’s highly requested. They were given  a new set of things to find. The students were equally divided in three groups and they all worked together to obtain all items written on the list.

…something that you can read aloud 🙂
Trying to find “something smooth” in MW classroom.

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In craft time, they were challenged to make anything related to cartoons. The majority of them made Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cars, Peppa Pig, and the Lion King out of cardboard boxes, origami papers, ribbons and other materials available in the classroom; while the rest of them opted to draw other cartoon characters on a piece of paper.

Drawing “Stitch”

Lastly, we all had a great time playing tennis last Thursday and everyone seems to be excited to see Ms. Brigitte next week! 🙂