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ISN Summer Program: Let’s get physical! (Aug. 8-12)

Apart from the usual runs on the exercise track and Sports Festival practice, we also did the sack race last Monday. Both the EC and Summer Program students had fun playing despite the scorching summer heat. We also played dodgeball, volleyball and skipping rope in the parking lot. Today, we also got the chance to hike up the mountain to the shrine and had our morning tea while enjoying the lovely view overlooking the city. We also saw lots of insects and interesting plants along the way.

今週のElementary Classではいつもとは違うゲームをして楽しみました!袋飛び競争や、ドッジボール、バレーボール、縄跳びなどをして身体のいろいろな部分を動かしながら、焼けるような暑さの中一生懸命に運動ができました。スクール裏の坂道を登った所にある神社へ立ち寄り、朝のスナックを食べながら下に広がる街並みを見て楽しむこともできました。


Upon going back to the classroom, some students were curious about hiking up the mountain, why it’s far more difficult going up than going down. It was a good indication that they were observing different things around them. So, it was a great opportunity to discuss gravity.




We did a couple of Math challenges this week. The first one involved completing different activities like counting blocks and ticking off all the given tasks on the provided list, wherein they had to work with a partner. The term “algorithm” was introduced and they had to make their own based on the given illustration. Most of the students have successfully completed the challenge. On the second challenge, they were divided in two groups and each group had to design, build and name their own castle by using no more than 250 blocks, under time pressure. Both groups worked so hard  and it was good to see them working together to complete the challenge. We have also invited the staff to look at the castles made with wooden blocks.


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Moreover, we continued discussing cartoons and documentaries this week. We had the chance to watch a short cartoon clip about hybrid sea animals. After watching, the students drew their own hybrid cartoon characters and presented them to the class. Everyone had a good laugh while looking at each other’s work. Each of them also had to share and write about the subject that they would like to work on if they were given the chance to make their own documentary. Most of them are interested in plants and animals. They would like to know how plants grow and how animals move, eat and sleep.



The students also got to play “Pass the Message“. As the name implies, it’s about relaying the message by whispering from one person to another until it gets to the end of the line. The last student must write the message on the whiteboard based on his/her perception. It was funny how the messages turned out. One good example is “Fly high like a butterfly.” which turned to “Wishy ra ra wishy!” 😀

「伝言ゲーム」も子どもたちの大好きな活動の一つになりました。メッセージを最後の人までひそひそ声で伝え、最後の人はそれをホワイトボードに書きます。”Fly high like a butterfly.”(蝶々のように高く飛べ)というメッセージが最終的に”Wishy ra ra wishy.”なんていう面白おかしい意味不明のものになってしまったりと、とてもおかしな伝言ゲームとなりました。