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What a great start to our Summer Program!

We began the day with a walk up the hill our school to have morning tea. The weather was perfect, the view across the Matsumoto valley was clear, and the forest was so cool. Students also enjoyed looking at many things along the way including delicious grapes on the vine. We showed respect by greeting the people who were working under there.
When we got back to school we stopped at the back of the ISN building and watched the sparrows feeding their babies. They were so cute. Students guessed that there were about 3 or 4 baby birds in the little nest.
After lunch we painted a mural with our feet. We took off our shoes and socks and put our feet in green, orange and blue paint then walked across large sheets of paper. Everyone’s foot prints made nice patterns. We imagined they were “Dinosaur Footprints”. We will write something about this mural next week.
Due to the hot days we have moved our exercise track to a shady section next to the hill. It is wonderful that the students can use this area which stays cool till about 10am every morning. Students are enjoying their jogging without the heat of the sun.