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Rainbow July 19-22

3連休明けのレインボーさんは体調を崩してしまったお友達が多く、Small Classでのスタートになりました。
After a long weekend, I bet everyone have enjoyed and spent their
weekend right. But for most students, I guess not as most of them were
sick and that gave us few numbers of students in the class this week.
Some have recovered but the colds and cough are still going.
So please watch out your kids carefully in the morning and if you
think and feel they’re not in shape, try not to let them play in the
pool. A friendly reminder, “prevention is always better than cure.”
今週ジムクラスでは、Sports Festival に行う「球入れ」の練習をしました。
まずは一列に並んで、On your mark. Get set. Go! の合図で一斉にスタート。
In the Gym Class, we practiced throwing the ball game for the upcoming
Sports Festival.
Rainbow kids threw the balls into the car shaped-like boxes that moves around.
They first line up on the line and only started moving once they heard
the whistle that marks as “Ready, Set, Go!”
Many kids held bunch of balls in their arms as they tried to chase the
boxes to shoot them.
Everyone shouted “Yeah” as we flipped the box over and they’ve seen
how many balls they’ve collected.
Everyone did a great job!
Morning Cicle Time では、How are you?の質問を一人ずつしています。
今週は「How are you?ボード」を作り、質問に答えた後に自分の顔写真をボードに貼りました。
I’m happy. と答える子が一番多く、Today’s happy boys and girls の人数を数えるのも
I’m happy! Happy boys and happy girls.
During our Morning Circle Time, I asked each kids “How are you?”
Kids responded based on their mood with “I’m happy”, “I’m sad”, I’m
sleepy or “I’m hungry” and stuck their picture on the “How are you?”
Of course, the kids who responded “I’m happy” got the most number.
Interesting! Most of the kids are happy! But, what’s more interesting
and the fun part there was when everyone counted the number