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The Project July 16

We have learned, inquired and written about many different things this week. In our journals we wrote about our last weekend and what we did. Miss Annette wrote six prompting questions and then The Project wrote their own sentences to answer the questions. We also wrote a KWL chart based on what we Know, what we Want to know and what we Learned regarding the Venus Fly Trap that Ryu brought in to Elementary class. Miss Brigitte fed it and we were fascinated to watch. We have been catching a lot of little frogs out behind the school. Milky Way has a small container of them in the classroom and The Project has added a few to it. We have been continuing to practice our typing skills with various educational games. The students enjoy variety, so we choose a different activity each day. We practice for about 20 minutes a day. Soon we will have a computer program where we will be able to blog our writing each day on the computer instead of paper and pencil. That will be exciting! Have a great three day weekend! See you all Tuesday!