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SS July 16

Summer is here! It has been hot this week. We have been in the pool a couple times now. It has helped us cool off.
We have also had a watermelon project! Miss Annette cut the huge watermelon into 24 slices. We weighed it on the scale and it was 7.8 kilograms! We each ate a pretty big slice and then Miss Annette collected all the seeds. The next day we made watermelon pictures and glued the actual seeds on our pictures. We counted the seeds and there were 550 seeds in our watermelon!
We enjoyed having you come to the gym to see us practice for the Sports Festival! Thank you for coming. We are practicing every day now so that our Sports Festival will be really fun!
We have been practicing our Math Facts +2 up to 10. Please practice at home if you can. Student took their worksheets home on Friday. It would be great if you could go over them with your student.
Shooting Star have been doing a great job of reading their reading books and bringing them back the next day. I love to read all your comments on whether they found dolch words or if they read on their own or how they read with daddy or sister, etc. Please keep up the good work!
Our Phrase of the Week is going well! Most of the students are returning their paper with parent’s signature on it to show they are speaking English at home! How wonderful to be practicing as much as possible.
Our first beetle came out of her cocoon. She is now in a special container with food and special soil. As soon as the other beetles come out of their cocoons, they will be transferred to the special container as well. It has been an exciting process to watch.
Have a fantastic three day weekend! See you Tuesday!
暑い1週間でしたね!カブトムシはメスが1匹成虫となり、ゼリーを食べ始めています。Shooting Starのお友達は何日かスクールプールに入ることができ、涼しく過ごせるひと時を楽しんでいます。 今週はとても面白いプロジェクトをしました!まるまる大きなスイカをアネット先生が24等分に切りました。それでも子どもたちには大きな一切れをガブガブと美味しそうに食べ、種はしっかりとお皿に残しておきました。次の日、色紙と実際のスイカの種を使って作品を作ったり、すいかの種を数えたりしました。7.8キロもあったスイカには、550もの種がありました(種を食べちゃったお友達もいるかと思うので、おそらく600程?!)先生も子どもたちもそんなに種は多いの!?と驚いていました!