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A presentation from the heart

All the students in Elementary class are to be congratulated; during the past 2 weeks everyone has been practicing their dance moves, improving their voice volume, and keeping to the rhythm when saying their poem which they wrote from their drawings about seasons. As a result of their hard work, today’s presentation for parents and Milky Way class was both entertaining and memorable.
Well done Elementary Class!
この2週間、Elementary Classではダンスの練習や、詩の朗読、声のボリュームの調整など一生懸命に真剣に取り組む子どもたちの姿が見られました。そのみんなの熱心な練習の成果は、7月1日のプレゼンテーションで十二分に発揮されましたね!Milky Wayと保護者の皆さんの前で、本当に素晴らしいプレゼンテーションをしました。よく頑張りましたね!
Our current central idea “Earth’s natural cycles influence what living things do.” has been the stimulus for most of our investigations. This week we have looked more closely at how animals are affected by the some of these cycles. With enthusiasm students have communicated their ideas using group discussions, drawings and paintings, and written pieces.
In art this week students enjoyed using their imagination to construct a variety of ideas including water birds, planes, and picnic trays full of delicious food and drinks.