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The Natural World of O’Keeffe

The last artist we learned about was Georgia O’Keeffe. First, we watched a short video clip about her life story. She was a gifted artist and started painting at a very young age. She loved nature and everything around her. It became her inspiration in all her works.


Second, we read a storybook which was also about her life. We learned that she got married to a very famous photographer named Alfred. Georgia also loved travelling and even stayed in New Mexico after the death of her husband. She made everything ordinary extra special just like the flowers, mountains, skull, sky and all the things around us. She was such a special lady with an extraordinary talent in the art.


Finally, we tried making our own art using O’Keeffe’s style. It was a bit hard for us to think of what to paint so we decided to check some nature books to give us some inspiration since we were not able to go outside that day.


Thank you for reading. Hope you learned something today.