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G1's Christmas Special

Weeks before the Christmas show was a lot of hard work for everyone.

We all had to prepare the props and memorize our lines as well as actions. We even had songs to memorize, too!



We all did our best in this performance. But we also didn’t forget to have fun.


During the show, we were all nervous as well as excited. We couldn’t wait to show everyone everything that we’ve prepared and worked hard for. We all tried to remember the lines and actions. We also used our big voice and big gestures. Most importantly, we didn’t forget to smile and stay confident while performing.


The songs during the show was also a challenge to everyone because we needed to memorize the lyrics together with the actions. But that didn’t stop us from performing well. We are all thankful for everyone’s time and hard work.


That was a very memorable day for us. We are happy to hear a lot of good comments from our parents and teachers. We hope to perform again and do better for the next school year.