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Sink or Float? -G1

Hello, everyone! It’s time for another exploration as we move into the next chapter of observations and experiments. We have now started learning about our environment and how it works.


We do have lots of questions on why things happen and how it happens. We started the unit with inquiries on what we would want to know about the environment we live in.


For this week, we tried to find out why things would float or sink when we place it on water. Of course we have our own ideas on why before doing the experiment. We guessed that the size, shape and weight has something to do with it. However, we found out that there is what we call density and molecules. And these were the main reasons why objects would sink or float.


We didn’t even know that we are all made up of molecules! Everything around us that we can touch is made of molecules!


We used different objects to test with different sizes and materials. We then have to check whether each would sink or float before testing it. Most of use were able to come up with correct predictions. But there were some objects which we thought would sink because it is bigger and has a different shape than the others. We were able to conclude that it all depends on the density of the water and the object you put in.


It was exciting to see that even the cracker which at first floated sank when it was all soaked with water. It absorbed all the water over time!


Finally, we drew and wrote about the different observations and activities we did for the whole experiment. We used our “I am a Scientist” mini-book to record all the information we were able to gather as well as our conclusions.

最後に、実験全体で行ったさまざまな観察や活動について絵を描きました。ミニブック「I am a Scientist」を使って、収集できたすべての情報と結論を記録しました。

Please continue to follow our experiments every week. Join our quest of becoming a mini Scientist!


Thanks for reading!