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Welcome to ISN Elementary!

Welcome to ISN Elementary School grade one! We are so happy to have a new group of wonderful, enthusiastic, and happy students!

We had such a lovely welcome ceremony on Monday, and students were so ready for school on Tuesday. One of the first things we started talking about was “responsibility”. We worked in groups to talk about what that might mean, and made some very creative group work.

However, better than talking about responsibility, was taking it! We talked about how now that we are elementary students we have to think more and take more responsibility for our school and for our learning. That began with learning all about cleaning, serving lunch, and other class jobs. From now on each student has their own job in class, and each job rotates on a weekly basis.

Since next week we begin our unit of inquiry on “who we are”, we also began talking about ourselves, our identities, and what makes us special. We also began talking about what makes our class special. We talked about how learning is like an adventure, and we are all on one big ship. One person can’t run a big ship by themselves, so we need to make sure we do our job, and that we help others so we can all get to our destination. Because of this, we all took turns to paint a big pirate ship in our classroom, expressing our team spirit, creativity, and identity.

Grade one also started their Japanese lessons with Ms Keiko Kagita. Students learned about what they will be studying this year, what customs are different in their Japanese lessons to their usual lessons, and how we organise ourselves in these lessons. We’re looking forward to lots of great studying with Ms Keiko!

Another new aspect of school life for grade one is that we now have PE lessons EVERY DAY! For this month and next month we are focussing on building cardio fitness and stamina. Because of this, we have been running outside on the nearby bridge. One length of the bridge is about 100 metres. We run for ten minutes and count how far we can go in that time. We then take time to stretch and cool down afterwards. These lesson are conducted as a whole elementary school, so it also gives the younger students a chance to learn and be inspired by the older students.

But wait. The weather wasn’t very good this week so we didn’t run outside ever day… but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have PE! When the weather is bad we will do aerobics lessons in the meeting room! It was so much fun, and really tough (even for teachers!). Through this exercise we will make our bodies stronger, and our minds fresher!

Next week we will begin fully studying for our unit of inquiry. The transdisciplinary theme is “Who We Are” and the title is “Responsibility”. What will the central idea be? What will be we learn about? We will find out next week!

来週からは、「Who we are」という探究の単元を始めますので、みんなで自分自身、アイデンティティ、何が私たちを特別にするのかについて話し合い始めました。学ぶことはどのように冒険のようなものであるか、そして、みんなは一つの大きな船に乗っていることを話しました。一人で大きな船を漕ぐことはできないので、個人個人やるべきことをし、周りの人を助け目的地に着けるようにする必要があることを確かめ合いました。そんな訳で、皆でチームの精神、クリエイティビティ、アイデンティティを表現した大きな海賊船の絵を描きました。
来週は、探究の単元をしっかり始めていきたいと思います。教科の域を超えたテーマは、「Who we are」です。タイトルは、「Responsibility」です。セントラルアイディアは何かな?私たちはこれから何について学んでいくのかな?来週は何を発見していくでしょう?