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Unit 5 Reflection – G2

Good day everyone.


First of all we pray that you all are doing well together with your family despite of the virus threat sorrounding us. Indeed, this last quarter of the year is a very challenging one especially to our health security.

ウイルスの脅威が取りざたされる中、まずは皆さんとご家族がお元気にお過ごしであることを願っています。 今年の最後の四半期は、特に健康管理が難しい時期でしたね。

We experienced school closure, travel restriction, banned classroom visitation and sickness due to the virus that really affected our daily living. Despite of these challenges, we Grade-2 showed resiliency by studying thoroughly whether it is online or face-to-face classes. Here are some outputs from Grade-2 on Local Government: diorama, slide show presentations and class discussions.


Unit 6: Poverty (Sharing the Planet)

We are about to end our school year with a very timely and highly relevant topic. Indeed, It is a world wide problem that really needs attention and awareness from the government. Although there are lots of programs, campaigns and projects initiated by the government together with the NGO’s, poverty still is an issue happening everywhere. While there are still people begging food on the street, the sector of education worldwide will not stop teaching this lesson.


We started with some documentary film or short clip about poverty and noted some definitions and characteristics of being poor. In addition, we realized also that we should value everything in our lives like foods, clothes, toys, education, health and others.


Thank you for reading!