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Our bodies! – G3

The new week began with a new body system as we continue the 3rd Unit that focuses on human bodies and its different systems. This week we focused on the respiratory system.


On Monday, the students returned with question interview answers from their families about how to keep a healthy digestive system.


Tuesday we began by discussing the respiratory system, its function and the different parts of the respiratory system. Tuesday was also the commencement of our first respiratory system craft activity. We used 500ml pet bottles, 3 balloons, straws and dough. We created a model of the respiratory using these materials.

火曜日はまず、呼吸器官とその機能、呼吸器官の各部について話し合いました。また、呼吸器官に見立てた工作を行いました。 500mlのペットボトル、3つの風船、ストロー、そして生地を使って呼吸器のモデルを作りました。

We completed the craft activity on Wednesday and the model gave students a better understanding of how the respiratory system functions.


Thursday was the continuation of the experiments in grade 3, but this time was slightly different, as we used 2 liter pet bottles, a big bowl, water and straws. This was quite interesting, and this experiment was to measure the air volume in each student’s lungs. Splash everywhere!


Friday will be used to draw the respiratory system in their human bodies sketches. Next week will be focused on the muscular system.



I hope you have a good weekend, see you next week!