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Interviews and Digestive Systems -G4

Hello Everyone!

Hope this finds all well and glad with you wherever you are.

皆さんこんにちは! 皆さんが元気で楽しい日々をお過ごしでしょうか。

This past week, Grade 4 conducted 4 online interviews with persons who all have varying associations with food in their lives.


Firstly, we interviewed Mr. Tanaka who works for a local food distribution company. He told us about his role in helping produce get from farmers fields to restaurant tables and supermarket shelves.


Next, we spoke with Phil Cashman. He runs a Permaculture Farm/School in Chiba Prefecture. He gave us a tour of his farm and school and shared with us some of the various connections at his farm school that help the land to do all the growing with as little input from him as possible.


Then we spoke with Lawrence Huff, also from Chiba Prefecture. Lawrence shared his extensive knowledge of traditional food preservation techniques and the class were lucky to get to try some of his Italian style dried meats. Yum!


Finally, we interviewed Mr. Ishii the owner of Kajiya restaurant in Gojo, Matsumoto. He told us about his favorite recipes, as well as how he has been utilizing the restaurant space on a multi-function basis to help get through the effects of COVID on his business.


To all the participants who kindly shared their time and knowledge with us, we wholeheartedly extend our warm thanks and respects.


As well as interviews we have been exploring the human digestive system and what happens when we eat.

A busy week indeed.


Please watch out for an email over the next few days with regards a small experiment we are conducting in class. More details to follow soon.


Stay healthy and hope you have a great week!