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Happy 2022 and on we go! – G4

Welcome back everyone and with warm hearts we greet the cold brisk mornings!


Grade 4 have started Unit 5: Money and Marketplace.

G4クラスではUnit 5: Money and Marketplace(お金と市場)を学び始めています。

We began by talking about what we want to learn in this unit. Some great questions as always, i.e. “What is a company that is good and bad for society?”, “When did money start?” and “How to use money wisely?”.まず、この単元で何を学びたいかという話から始めました。クラスからは、、「社会にとって良い会社、悪い会社とは何か」、「お金はいつから始まったのか」、「お金を賢く使うにはどうしたらいいか」など、いつものように素晴らしい質問があがりました。

We then looked at some common words used when talking about money, i.e. career, debt, economy and globalization.


Finally this week, we talked about needs and wants. Needs being things we can’t do without, i.e. air, water, food and shelter. Wants being things we can live without but choose to have, i.e. cars, smartphones and curtains, etc.


We then applied these needs and wants to designing various household budgets that we created using dice.


Next week, we will begin to look at various companies and the affect they have on the environment and what changes can be applied for them to work better.


We also started a new morning reading book, “The One and Only Ivan”.

また、朝のリーディングでは新しい本「The One and Only Ivan」も読み始めました。

Hope you have a nice week!