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Aurora September 30 – October 4

We had a party for our September birthday boys and girls in ISN! One of our Aurora students turned 4 years old. Happy birthday! 🥳

For the next three months, Aurora will work on a new IB Theme – “How We Express Ourselves”. The Central Idea is “we can express our thoughts and feelings in different ways.” This month, we explore how we use WORDS to express our thoughts and feelings. We value kind, positive and encouraging words that have good intentions. We mind our manners and use our magic words – please, thank you, excuse me.

We will be reading from an award-winning book ( When we do something nice and kind for our friends and family, their buckets will be filled with happiness. But if we are nasty to others, they will be sad and their buckets will dip. We made origami cups as buckets. Each student has a “bucket” in class. When the teacher sees a student showing an act of kindness, a glitter butterfly will be given to “fill the bucket”.
探求をすすめるにあたって、”How Full is your Bucket?(心のなかの幸福のバケツ)” (という本を読んでいます。お友達や家族に優しいことが出来た時、自分のなかにあるバケツが幸福で満たされます。ですが何か意地悪な事をしてしまった時は、バケツが満たされなくなってしまいます。オーロラさんでは、みんなで折り紙のバケツを作りました。一人にひとつのバケツが出来ました!子供たちが何か良いことをした事を先生が見つけた時、キラキラのちょうちょがバケツに入れられるようになっています。

For outdoor play, Aurora and Canyon were introduced a game “What is the time, Mr Wolf?” They had great fun counting and running away from the wolf at Dinner Time!! For Gym class, we stretched, ran and played with hula hoops.
公園に行ったとき、みんなで「”What is the time, Mr Wolf?” (オオカミさん、今何時?)」というゲームをして楽しんでいます。(だるまさん転んだのようなゲームです。)オオカミさんが言った数分、前に進んでいき、オオカミさんが「夕ご飯の時間だぞ!」と言ったらみんなで一斉に逃げます。捕まった子が次のオオカミさんになります。みんなルールを守って遊び、楽しんでいます。体操教室では、ストレッチをしたり、追いかけごっこをしたり、フラフープで遊んだりして楽しみました。

For Music lesson, Aurora learned about the beats of different musical notes through fun animal movements. Minim half note slow like an elephant stomping, a crotchet quarter note like a bunny hopping and a quaver eight note fast like a squirrel running. The class practiced with castanets too and they put in a lot of effort. Good job!

The class has almost completed their Alphabet Phonics. We are up to Letter Xx this week – as in fox, box, ox. Aurora has shown improvement with colouring in and tracing letters too. Keep up the good work!
We look forward to tomorrow’s bus trip to Alps Park. Thank you in advance, Mummies and Daddies for preparing the bento lunches. Do visit this blog again for photo updates. Till next Monday, have a wonderful weekend!
アルファベットの音の学習は「X」の文字まで来ました。Xが入っている、fox(きつね)、 box(箱)、ox(雄牛)という言葉を紹介しました。アルファベットの塗り絵や文字のなぞり書きも、以前に比べとても上手に出来ています!
UPDATE: Wonderful weather, bento lunch and play at Alps Park ended off our week! Enjoy the photographs!