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Aurora September 24-27

It has been a short but busy week. We have had a most fruitful time of inquiry into the world of 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. ♻️ This month we wrapped up our IB Theme on “How We Organise Ourselves”. The students are more aware of and knowledgeable about the environment around us. We are responsible individuals who clean up after ourselves. To sum up our learning, each student discussed how he or she has carried out the 3Rs.

今週は3連休明け後の少し忙しい一週間になりました。3Rs – Reduce(使用する量を減らす)、Reuse(再利用)、 Recycle(リサイクル)に関して最も充実した探求をしました。今月はユニット3のIBテーマ、「私たちは自分たちをどのように組織しているのか」の総まとめをしました。オーロラさん達は以前に比べ、自分たちの周りの環境によく気づき、理解が出来るようになりました。このユニットを通じて、自分たちで身の回りをきれいにすることが出来るようになりましたね。最後のまとめとして、オーロラさん一人一人がどのように3Rを実現出来るかを話し合いました。

This coming Friday will be our Sports Festival. We have been intensifying our rehearsals and practices for our dance routines. The class has been working really hard, well done!

The all important schoolyard play is not to be disregarded. Fresh air, loads of climbing, chasing each other and playing tag are important physical skills for healthy growth. In other words, play!! Not forgetting that in the schoolyard, we can make “cakes” out of sand and a “campfire” out of dried grass. Fantastic imagination! 💕 All the best to our athletes for the race tomorrow. Thank you Mummies, Daddies and Grandparents for taking time off to join us. We will update this week’s blog with photos from Friday’s event soon.

Update: What a fantastic, fun-filled Sports Festival!  Well done 👍🏻  Aurora. You’re all super stars! 🌟