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Aurora September 17-20

What happens after we throw our rubbish into the dustbin in the classroom? Where do the bags of rubbish go? Do we just leave them in ISN the whole year!? 😱

Thus began our discussion on rubbish, burnables, incinerator and the blue garbage truck with the flying witch on it. We watched a video excerpt of an incinerator in Tokyo. It showed how trucks collected the rubbish then to the incinerator and burning them down to ashes. The class was fascinated by the well organised system of garbage disposal. The alternatives to incinerating our rubbish will be to Reuse and Recycle ♻️! (Rubbish: British English , Garbage, Trash: American English)
このようにして、燃えるゴミ、焼却炉、魔女のイラストがついた青いごみ収集車についての話し合いを始めました。東京にある焼却炉を紹介したビデオを見て、ゴミ収集車がどのようにゴミを集めて、そのゴミを焼却して灰にするかを知りました。ゴミ処理の仕組みを知って、みんなびっくりしていました。ゴミを処理する代わりになるものは、再利用とリサイクルです!(ゴミはイギリス英語でRubbish、アメリカ英語でGarbage, Trashと言います。)
Aurora has been systematically working on our numbers too. It is important that young students count accurately. We use coloured counters and call them money!! A ten-strip is used and a pile of money placed in the middle of the table. The number for this week was 4. Each student held that number in mind, counted off 4 pieces and placed each piece in a box. Then after we reviewed number recognition with a number search activity.

For Gym, we practiced our Bunny Hop dance performance after a couple of stretches and music activities.
体操教室ではスポーツフェスティバルに向けてBunny Hopのダンスを練習しました。お友達の後に続いて列になって入場する、笑顔でパフォーマンスをする、大きな振り付けをするなど色々な課題を乗り越え、とても上手に踊れるようになってきました。来週の発表をお楽しみに♪

For Music, we worked with our partners again for clapping and music movements. We practiced to Totoro’s “Stroll” with handbells too! Aurora did well. 😊👍🏻

Being little Environmentalists, Aurora demonstrated well how we should reduce, save water, and use less. They know…  1. Turn off the tap when not soaping hands and after use. 2. Use less water in the cup for gargling our mouths 3. Just a pump or 2 of the soft bubbly soap is good enough. 😍 Next Monday, we usher in the Autumn Equinox with a public holiday. Till next Tuesday, happy  weekend!
小さな環境保全家になるために、オーロラさんはどうやって物を使う量を減らすかを見せてくれました。1.手をゆすぐ時以外は水道の蛇口を閉める 2.口をゆすぐ時はコップにたくさん水を入れない 3.ハンド泡ソープは1回もしくは2回プッシュして使う ということが守れています。