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Canyon October 9-13

Japan is known for one of the most systematic country when it comes to throwing and separation of garbage. In our class, we are learning how to sort garbage properly. To give them a glimpse of our lesson, we watched a video entitled “Becoming a Japanese Waste Management Specialist”. This is about Aiko’s (the girl in the video) training on how to become a Japanese Waste Management Specialist or how to recycle garbage. Tomorrow, we will discuss and summarize what we have learned about the video.
New musical instrument was introduced to Canyon in our Music class! They played hand-held wrist bells together with the different rhythmic patterns. Canyon students were also arranged in pairs facing each other and did some clapping activities!

We did some math activities this week. They were able to trace number 6 and count 6 stickers! We also had a Bingo game wherein they were able to recognize numbers 1 to 10!

September 16, 2019 will be the day to honor and give respect to our beloved grandparents! Canyon students want to show their love and gratitude to their grandparents by giving a special present. They created photo frames with their pictures pasted on them. They are so excited and can’t wait to give these to their grandparents! Enjoy the holiday, Canyon families!