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Aurora June 10-14

What a busy week! We had our hands dirty, listened to a Dental Talk about germs and imagined what it would be like to eat green eggs and ham!!!

Aurora planted sweet potato 🍠  slips in our very own schoolyard. In a little plot of garden, we worked hard. We dug holes into the soil which was tougher than we thought, and planted our little green saplings. We will tend to them and look forward to harvesting them in Autumn. Yes, food takes time to grow!

We made a number graph of our favourite foods. Sushi 🍣 turned out to be a hot favourite – 7 students chose that as their favourite. Next was pizza 🍕with 4 votes, bread 🥖  🍞 and sausages had 1 vote each. 🌭 Students placed their names in the food column of their choice. We read a book and watched a video “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr Seuss. Our Line of Inquiry on food led us to appreciate that some of us have similar and different preferences for food. That’s Who We Are – our current IB theme!
”好物の食べ物”グラフを作りました。なんと、お寿司が一番人気で7票、次はピザの4票、パンとソーセージが1票ずつでした。クラスの中に飾ってあるのでまたご覧ください。また、”Green Eggs and Ham”という本を読みました。このアクティビティと絵本を通して、食べ物の好みもそれぞれ同じだったり違ったりという事を学びました。この事もIBである”Who We Are”に繋がっています。

ISN had a Dental Talk by one of our student’s parent. She emphasised on the importance of brushing our teeth 🦷 to prevent germs and cavities. The students were attentive and even asked a few questions.

For Music, the students were introduced beat sticks and maracas. They kept in time to the beats with coloured cards – red, white, yellow. With the maracas they felt the tempo of the music as the piano went fast and slow. Well done Aurora!

We made gifts of love for Father’s Day – tiled coaster for Daddy’s cup of drink. Here’s a song we learned for our beloved Daddies. Happy Happy Father’s Day!
今週の日曜日は「父の日」です。みんなで、タイルのコースターを作りました。Happy Father’s dayの歌もうたい、お父さんにプレゼントする事を楽しみにしています。明日、持ち帰りますので楽しみにお待ちください。