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Grade 4 and 5: Modernization 近代化

Hello, everyone. We’ve had an early start to the rainy season this week. There was rain and thunder all through the week, but seemed to finally clear up as we approached the weekend. ⛈️
The Grade 4, 5 and 6 students continued with their research of AI this week. The second Line of inquiry of the current Unit is titled “Development of AI” and will look into how technology has developed over the years from simple machines to self-sustainable, thinking robots of the future. To introduce this idea, the students have been discussing, researching and presenting their findings on the topics of the development of technology we use in telephones, computers and for playing music. They were able to identify the improvements a walkman has over the gramophone, or the ones of a modern-day notebook over a 1970s desktop computer. ☎️
On Thursday, the class has visited the Nagano Prefecture General Industrial Technology Center, a Matsumoto facility that deals with introducing new machines and ways of producing various goods, such as textiles, product packaging and more. The students were told a bit about the facility’s history and were introduced to some of its latest acquisitions: a smart home facility, a 3D printer, a laser cutter used for making objects out of leather etc. Thank you to everyone at the facility who made this excursion possible. The students seemed to have enjoyed it and it has helped them further their knowledge of the currently researched class materials.
The students’ practice for the Sports Day is shaping up nicely as well. After some revisions of their plan, they have started to prepare the choreography for their dance. The choreography for the chorus is based on a jazz dance video the students have chosen, while the verse choreography has been created by the students themselves and will showcase several of their favourite sports, like soccer, tennis, cheerleading and jumprope. We’re still a long way away from finishing our dance, but with persistence and hard work, we will make it! Thank you for your support. 🏆
The students are also excited to showcase their Matsumoto bon-bon performance. Everyone was working hard on practicing them all week.
Continuing their research into the programming Logo in their Computer lessons, the students have become members of the Turtle Academy, a website bringing focused on teaching Logo through a series of short, guided lessons and achievements. In math, they have started learning about the concept of ratios and relating it to fractions, and in grammar, revising their knowledge of past tense.
Have a nice weekend 🌳
コンピュータの授業では、Logoのプログラミングを引き続き学んでいます。Turtle AcademyというLogoの教育に焦点を置いたウェブサイトのメンバーになりました。算数では、比の性質と、分数との関係を勉強し始めました。文法は、過去時制について復習をしています。