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Aurora February 18 – 22

This had been a great week! Monday we had our music class, Tuesday was our swim class, and Wednesday was gym. The students had so much fun during these activities. The learned a new note in music too.

We have moved on from phonics and patterns this week to do numbers. We want our students to be able to count up to 50 before they go to Shooting Star. We’re reviewing and learning more each week through songs and activities!

We’ve started a new line of inquiry this week which is how animals can help us. Some of the students first thought that animals couldn’t while some though they could. We dived deeper into the subject talking about horses and how they can help us. We will talk about many different animals and how they can help us.
Thursday and Friday we went to the park. The weather has been so nice and it feels like Spring is coming soon. We can’t wait! Before we went to the park Friday we had our school birthday party. It was so nice to celebrate everyone’s birthday and we enjoyed the time together.


Thank you and we hope you all have a great weekend!