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Canyon and Aurora

Hello, everyone! Here are some updates regarding our recent bus trip and class activities in the last couple of weeks.
We had our summer bus trip to Yoshikawa Park last July 11th and both classes surely had fun playing in the man-made stream. The sweltering day did not stop us from playing for hours at the play structure and water fountains. Each one of the kids was also excited to show their lunchbox made by their dear parents. Even the teachers had fun looking at them, too! Too cute to eat!
Our classroom activities involve phonics mastery, shapes, sea animals and math. We have been learning about sea animals, what they eat and the most defining features they have like, an octopus has 8 arms, fish have scales, whales are big, and sharks have sharp teeth.
They also show the same interest in different shapes. They could tell which shape has 6 sides or 8 sides, which shape is round, etc. They also became more observant whenever they see something semi-circle or triangle. As part of our assessment, we tried making a house by putting together different shapes. Each student got a paper cutout and they tried sticking it on the big paper. Before sticking their cutout, they had to tell the class which shape they got. It went well and they enjoyed the activity.
We have also been practicing songs, games and dance performance for the upcoming Sports Festival. We cannot wait to show you our dance moves! Have a great weekend, everyone!