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LET’S GO EXPLORING!- Aurora Sept. 11th-15th

Hi everyone!

We hope everyone is doing well. Our first main event of the school year, the Sports Festival, is coming! Our youngsters are all excited and doing their very best at every practice. This year’s theme is “Travel Around the World”. As part of the preparation, we made crafts such as passports and national emblems of countries. For their passports, our little ones chose which country they want to travel to, and for the national emblems, they chose an emblem from a specific country. Everybody is so excited to experience exploring and traveling around the world on the Sports Day!

We are now heading towards the end of the summer season. The weather is not as hot in the morning, so our little ones had a great time playing at the park. They also met some new friends and played well with them.

We’ll be having an exciting activity next week! We’ll be making ice cream! Everybody likes ice cream, don’t we? To introduce the procedure to our young ones, we watched a video about how to make ice cream. Everybody is looking forward to our activity next week.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!