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LET’S PLAY AND LEARN TOGETHER- Aurora Sept 25th-29th

Hi everyone!
To start off this week, we had our phonics lesson where we discussed the letter M and words that begin with it. For our activity, we played “tail tag” in the schoolyard, where our youngsters chased one another and tried to grab the tail with the letter M on it. Our young ones enjoyed the activity a lot! This kind of activity is one of the best ways for our little ones to easily remember the lesson. At the same time, it builds strength and power.

At ISN, emergency drills are regularly held to prepare the staff and students with the necessary knowledge of how to react immediately and appropriately when an earthquake occurs. On Thursday, we had our Earthquake Drill with visitors from the Nagisa Fire Station. They explained and taught the youngsters the dos and don’ts when there is an earthquake. After that, we were given the chance to see and take a photo on the fire truck.

One of our little ones turned 4 this month! Time flies… She enjoyed her party and had fun watching a magic show. Have a blast!

It was beautiful weather to walk to the park! On our way, we saw some signs of unripe persimmons, indicating that autumn season is here!

Have a good weekend everyone!