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I’M TRYING MY BEST- Aurora Oct 2nd-6th

As we welcome the new month of October, we have started our English corner. This aims to encourage our little ones to speak English when talking to their teachers and friends during free play, and most especially during lessons. It’s wonderful to hear our youngsters conversing with each other in English, even without their teacher’s instruction. We are so happy and proud to hear them saying, “I’m speaking English” and “I’m trying my best to speak English.” As a reward for their hard work, our little ones get a cute sticker after class. Great job, Aurora! Keep it up!

The gym has always been our go-to place to have fun and strengthen our bodies. It’s getting colder now, so it’s important for our youngsters to move and do some exercises to build up their immune system. Here’s a glimpse of our gym lesson.

For this week’s phonics lesson, we learned about the letter N, its sound, and words that begin with it, such as nest, nail, neck, needle, newspaper, net, etc. For our activity, we played “treasure hunt” in the schoolyard. Our young ones looked around to find uppercase and lowercase letter N. They love doing class activities outside of our classroom. Outdoor learning boosts children’s self-esteem, self-confidence, ability to work cooperatively, and positive attitude towards learning. Well done everyone!

Have an awesome long weekend everyone!