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EXCELLENT JOB AURORA!!! March 18th-22nd

It’s the last day of this school year, and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our beloved parents for all your unending support and cooperation! We truly appreciate everything you’ve done for us! It was indeed a wonderful school year for all of us! We are so grateful for all your efforts and patience in helping us, teachers. We are very proud of your son/daughter! They have grown so much throughout the school year! They are now ready for the next level.

This week, our youngsters had so much fun helping their teachers to pack up all their belongings in their lockers, cleaning their tables, chairs, and lockers. Thank you, little helpers!

Before we end this day, our young ones received a certificate for all their hard work throughout the school year! Excellent job, Aurora!!! Ms. Aiza and Ms. Sayuri will miss you all so much! We love you! Keep on doing your best!

One of our little ones bid goodbye to our class. He will move to a different school next school year, so we had a simple farewell party for him. Some of his friends gave a message for him. They wished him luck for his new school and said they love him. It was a very touching moment for everybody. Good luck! We love you, and we will miss you!

Congratulations on your graduation, Milky Way and Rainforest! We are so proud of you! Best wishes on your next adventure in elementary.

Here’s a glimpse of our last day of school.

Have a wonderful weekend!