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THE THREE LITTLE PIGS- Aurora Dec. 11th-15th

Hi everyone!
This week was a very special one for our youngsters! Finally, the long wait is over!
The Christmas show is our biggest event in ISN. Everybody is preparing really hard for it every year. It was Aurora’s first-ever play performance on the big stage, but they didn’t feel pressured or nervous at all! They enjoyed every second of their performances on the stage with lovely smiles on their faces. Our little ones worked so hard for this event, and it all paid off. Congratulations on your beautiful performance, Aurora! Your teachers, parents, and Santa Claus were so proud of you! You all did an excellent job!!!

We would like to thank all the parents for your unending support and taking your time to come and watch our Christmas show! Our young ones dedicated their performances to all of you. We hope you loved it like we did.

Christmas is coming!
Our youngsters made something special for their loved ones. They decorated it nicely and put so much effort into it. Hope you like it!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!