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Hi everyone!
As we delve deeper into our discussion about transportation, we identified and determined the types of vehicles people used in the past and how they look now in the present time. To understand this topic much better, we watched this video.

Our youngsters also shared which transportation they want to use. Some of them said they want to use the past transportation because it’s cool, others said they want the present one because it’s fast, and because the old one doesn’t have an engine.

We conducted a stranger-danger drill on our campus. Our young ones learned what a stranger is and the things they need to do when somebody who they do not know personally approaches them, such as:

  • Do not open the door to a stranger;
  • Do not take anything from a stranger;
  • Do not get in the car with a stranger;
  • Do not talk to strangers;
  • Run away quickly and ask for help;
  • Always stay with your parents and teachers.

Four of our youngsters turned 4 in February! Time flies… Thank you for celebrating with us! Hope you enjoyed our simple birthday party. Have a blast!

Have a great weekend, everyone!