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“Learning Our Body Parts” Meadow-May 18-22




Welcome back to our blog. In Meadow we make sure that our little ones enjoy their school life everyday. We ensure safety and we provide fun learning activities that everyone love. Their smile brings joy to our heart.


We also encourage everyone becoming more independent in their own little way. They are able to hang their loop towel by themselves in the bathroom and clean up the blocks. Good job, Meadow darlings.


We had fun in our Music class. We moved our body with the music. The song we like best is the Ai Ai Monkey song. We participated well in the lesson with clapping, dancing, and singing.

子供達はMusic classを楽しみました。音楽に合わせて体を動かしました。子供達が大好きな歌はおさるの歌「アイアイ」です。みんなレッスンに上手に参加して手を叩いたり、踊ったり、歌ったりしました。

In this week, we continue learning the body parts. We did the body parts matching activity by sticking the body parts to their right position on the chart. It was a good activity to develop our cognitive skills. We also made “My Body” craft with the aim of naming our body parts and putting them together to make a picture of our whole body. For our alphabet lesson, we have been learning letters A to F. We loved singing our favorite ABC song as we recognize each letter. For number lesson, we are now counting numbers from 1-10 with the song Ten Little Fingers. Singing and counting at the same time is truly fun for Meadow.

今週は引き続き体の部位を学んでいます。体の部位を図表の正しい場所に張り付ける体の部位を合わせる活動をしました。これは認知能力を発達させる良い活動です。また体の部位を知り、体全体の絵を完成させるのにつなぎ合わせられるように「わたしの体」の工作をしました。アルファベットのレッスンではAからFまで学んでいます。ABCのそれぞれの文字を覚えるのに大好きなABCの歌を楽しんで歌っています。数のレッスンでは「Ten Little Fingers」の歌を歌って英語で1から10まで数える練習をしています。Meadowのお友達は歌ったり、また数えたりすることを本当に楽しんでいます。

Off we went to the park by bus. The weather was mostly sunny and cloudy this week. The park was filled with laughter. We slid on the slide, scribbled on the ground, picked some flowers and ran about the park. What a beautiful day!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Stay safe and healthy.