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“We Love Rainbows”-Meadow-April 27-May 1

Meadow class has been learning new skills in their everyday life at ISN.
In this week, we continued learning with our monthly theme which is about COLOR. We loved singing together the Rainbow song and little by little we became familiar with the color names in English. We did the matching color activity and everyone gladly engaged in the lesson. It’s a great opportunity for our youngsters to practice taking turns, boasting self-confidence, and recognizing the colors.




As part of Children’s Day celebration on May 5th, our little ones made a “Koinobori” craft. They sticked a googly eye on the fish and decorated it with origami paper for scales with the shape of a heart. They repeated the color name of origami paper after the teacher as they sticked it on the fish by themselves. They have shown independence and cognitive skills in this activity.


Have a wonderful golden week holiday everyone. Stay safe!