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Meadow January 28- February 1

This week’s highlights were our Nursery Open Day and ISN Setsubun Event. Thank you Parents and Grandparents for taking time off your busy schedule for a sneak peek of your child’s school life. We enjoyed the parachute game in the music room and showed what we know about our numbers, letters and concepts on opposites.

The Setsubun was a success. The children were told the meaning of Setsebun. With the different demons, we chase them away with roasted soy beans. In ISN we chased them away with paper balls! There were laughter, shrieks and some tears. We chased away evil, bad luck and ushered in fortune and good luck. I screened the video below to the class. The Oni-san appeared in 1 minute 30 seconds in the video.

We had an obstacle course set up with balance beams and hula hoops. We pretended to be rabbits hopping and billy goats crossing the bridge to the other side to eat grass! Another busy week for Meadow . Have a restful weekend!