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Meadow January 21-25

Another three Meadow children turned 3 years old this month. Happy happy birthday! 🎂🌈🎉 We had our monthly party for our January babies. 🥳 We sang Happy Birthday and presented them with birthday cards.

It was ‘yarn’ week! We used lots of yarn for our craftwork. We made mittens and a demon’s hat for Setsubun out of soft woolly yarn. The children picked the colours they like and said “I like …”

We made letters out of rolled paper for alphabet review. We are now up to letter Ii. We have been working on the concepts of opposites. The class experienced wet dry and we reviewed big small, heavy light, open close, hot cold and more. Have a fantastic weekend!
アルファベットの復習では、紙を丸めてIを作って楽しみました。反対語についても学んでいます。wet dry big small, heavy light, open close, hot cold などを学びました。