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Welcome to Meadow Class-Meadow(April 1st- 5th)

Hello everyone,

The new school year has started and we would like to welcome the new students who joined the Meadow class this year. The first day was the toughest for the kids; some might have the first experience being away from their moms. They are anxious about being in the new environment and the people around them. Some kids were curious about the things around them but they were not afraid to step forward to try. We are excited to play and learn together and we look forward to a bright future for everyone. Dear parents, we are pleased to have your support and cooperation throughout the year.


ドキドキの登園初日。お母さんと離れるのが初めての子もいるでしょう。 新しい環境、知らない先生に不安を感じているようでした。 それでも先生と手をつなげば落ち着く事ができたり、おやつを食べるとニコニコと笑顔も見られるように!ゆっくりゆっくり園生活に慣れながら、一緒に遊び、学び、たくさんの成長に寄り添っていけたらと思います。保護者の皆様、一年間よろしくお願いいたします。

We danced together, did a little exercise and played a lot. Kids enjoyed their first snack and lunch at school. They started making a line following their friends to wash their hands before eating. We are glad to have a good start with the kids.

クラスでは一緒に踊ったり、追いかけ遊びをしてたくさん遊び、スクールでの初めてのおやつとランチも楽しみました。 食事の前には、列を作ってみんなで一緒に手も洗いに行きましたよ!並んで歩く姿がとっても可愛かったです。

Kids might be tired this week, so please relax and have a pleasant weekend. We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday.