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Welcome to Savanna 2024-2025!

Warmest greetings to all! It is a new school year and we are so glad to have three new students in our class. Welcome to ISN! This week, Savanna has been busy organising ourselves, getting settled with new routines and schedules. Thank you dear Parents for preparing all the necessary for the first week of school!


We are especially excited about our class Savanna because we can pretend to be savanna grassland animals – cheetah, giraffe, lion, elephant, rhino, zebra and more! We read about the habitat savanna in “Africa” and “At the Watering Hole”. Each picked an animal mask of their choice. We pretended to have a drink at the watering hole and to party!


We danced to our favourite song for the week – Follow Me by Patty Shukla. We had fun with students from Canyon class too. Please see the Youtube link below and dance with your child at home! We made salt play dough in class with flour, oil, salt and food colouring. We had a kneading good time! Savanna: I made a snake. Cheese pizza for you. Look a sandwich. This is a snail. I made a rabbit! Great imagination Savanna!

1週間を通じ、好きな曲(今週はPatty Shuklaの Follow Me)を選び、Canyonのお友達とダンスを楽しみました。下のYoutubeからリンクして頂き、ぜひお子様と一緒に踊ってみてくださいね。塩、食用油、小麦粉を混ぜ合わせて自分たちで粘土を作りました。粘土をこねてとても楽しかったようです。ヘビ作ったよ!チーズピザ作ったからあげる!サンドイッチみたい!これ、かたつむりだよ。ウサギ作った!など粘土をこねながらお話ししていました。サバンナさん素晴らしい想像力です。

Despite the bad weather, we had great fun in the schoolyard. We played at the sandpit, dug swimming pools, made delicious lunches and played with water puddles! It was a good first week of school. Till next week, have a fabulous weekend!