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Stay active and healthy- Meadow(May 27-31)

Hello everyone,

This week, our little learners have been very active and moved a lot. They enhanced their motor skills by playing with the balance bar during indoor play. They were thrilled to walk over and over taking turns with their friends. They tried not to fall off the floor while balancing their bodies. They also hopped and stepped in the ring and enjoyed it very much.


In gym lessons, the kids were attentive to the teacher’s instruction. They did their best stretching their bodies, pretending to be animals, and doing the gestures and pretending to be an airplane balancing their hands and feet while their bodies supported their weight. They crawled passing under the teacher’s tummy and pretending to be cats. meow, meow, meow, little kittens.


Park day

Meadow and Rainbow class were thrilled while getting on the bus to the park. After listening to the teacher talking about the rules of playing at the park, they all ran to the play structure where they wanted to play. The slide was popular and they all lined up and took turns climbing up and sliding down. Some kids enjoyed running and some kids were busy picking the flowers and making bracelets and rings. It was a wonderful day sweating under the sun.


This is our last week reviewing animals. We made the animal sounds and the kids guessed what animal is it. They confirmed the answer by touching the flashcard while saying their name. Another activity we did was rescuing the animals. We taped the animals on the floor and asked the kids to free them by taking off the tape to set them free. Kids enjoyed the activity and developed their fine motor skills by exerting effort to take off the tape. Thank you for helping the animals, Meadow!


Kids had a blast rolling the dice and saying the animal’s name that faces on top. They can recognize them in Japanese, the teacher says in English and the children repeat them. Good job, Meadow!

サークルタイムには、サイコロを振って出た動物の名前を言うゲームもしました。はじめは日本語で動物の名前を答えてくれますが、先生がそれを英語で伝えると同じ様に繰り返し発音する事ができましたよ。Good job, Meadow!

We are glad to see the children’s growth every day. During circle time they sit on their chairs participate in the activities and answer the teacher’s questions. We are proud of you, our little ones.


We will be talking about insects in our June lesson. Here are the songs we will be singing next month. Please enjoy singing and dancing with the kids at home.


Thank you for this week. Have a fantastic weekend and see you on Monday.