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Teamwork Challenge (Milky Way)

This was a fun week for the Milky Way class as we reach the end of our unit on Teamwork! Before the final teamwork challenge of the Milky Way kids, we had some classroom activities that helped students practice their teamwork skills.


In Math, we continued learning about place value. We use counters, blocks, and cubes for us to learn this math concept. We had games that require the Milky Way kids to work together in accomplishing the task.


In Phonics, we learned about compound words. Students realize that there are words made up of two smaller words and it is easier to read them if we can cut them into smaller parts. We played games that allowed them to pair up and help each other in identifying and writing compound words.


And finally, the highlight of our week, our final assessment for our Teamwork unit, The Amazing Challenge! We had a fun summative assessment last Friday, where the teams from the Milky Way class went through a series of tasks that needed to be completed for them to get special medals. Good thing we had some help from a visiting teacher from Nagano Campus Mr. Kevin and a student-teacher from Melbourne University who is doing an online internship with our class, Ms. Ann. Each of the groups managed to complete all of the stations in the Amazing Challenge while trying to apply the Teamwork skills that we learned in our UOI class. In the end, everyone was able to accomplish the tasks, practice teamwork, and receive medals! It was really a fun learning experience that we will not forget.

そして金曜日、今回のユニット最後のアセスメントである「アメイジングチャレンジ」を行いました!クラスは3グループに分かれ、特別なメダルを獲得するために、様々なチャレンジを乗り越えました。アセスメントには、長野キャンパスから来ていたMr. Kevinとオンラインでインターン体験をしているメルボルン大学生のMs. Annにも協力してもらい進めました。それぞれのグループは、UOIでこれまで学んだチームワークを高める方法を使いながら、すべてのチャレンジを達成できるよう協力して取り組みました。最後はみんながチャレンジを達成し、チームワークを高める練習が出来て、メダルをゲットすることが出来ました!みんなとても楽しんで参加し、今回のユニットも忘れられない探求になりました。

Thanks for reading our blog. Enjoy the long weekend!