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Buildings And People!

This week we finished our last activity for this unit. It was a summative assessment activity but a fun one. The students made origami buildings. They picked the type of building they wanted to make and then the template they wanted for the building. After coloring it, the students cut them out, folded them and then glued them onto another piece of paper. After writing the building they chose they drew a picture of the worker that works in that building. If they chose a hospital they would draw a doctor on the paper and so on.


Once they finished, on Friday we did a show and tell. The goal was to see if they understood what the building was and who worked there. Some had full understanding of the line of inquiry while others needed more assistance. We will use the information we have gathered to make the unit better next year and to help prepare for the next unit as well.

全てが終了した金曜日はshow and tellの時間をとり、一人ひとりが発表をしました。目標は、子供達がどの建物に誰が働いているか、を理解しているかを見る事です。殆どの子供達は良く理解をしていました。


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!