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Resolving Conflicts (Milky Way)

Hello, everyone!

We had an interesting week in the Milky Way class as we explored our 2nd line of inquiry (LOI) for our unit on Teamwork. Our LOI 2 is all about Resolving Conflicts. In a team, there will be times that conflicts might arise, and for the Milky Way kids to learn how to do teamwork they should be able to solve conflicts on their own.



In class, we learned 3 steps in resolving a conflict. The first step is to Calm Down. For this lesson, we discussed about emotions and the importance of expressing them in the right way. The students realize that when we are in a conflict with someone, sometimes we might not be able to control our feelings so calming down should be the first step.


The second step is Identifying if the Problem is Big or Small. The kids realize that there are problems that might need teachers’ help and there are problems that they can solve on their own.


For the third step, we discussed the Problem Solving Wheel and trying two ways to solve a problem. In pairs, the students discussed the best choice in solving different conflicts that we experience in the classroom. They were all thinkers this week and we hope that they can use these three steps when we already start with our teamwork activities.


In Phonics, we have been learning about Vowel Teams! We learned that most vowel teams make the long vowel sounds. The students are practicing reading and writing them. Some of these words are a bit tricky to spell and read, but the Milky Way kids are all familiar with these words already and their progress is quite noticeable.


This week we also welcomed two new friends in the classroom! Our class is growing! We hope that they enjoyed their first week in the Milky Way class and we are looking forward to more fun learning experiences with them.


We have a long holiday ahead! Keep safe and enjoy the Obon holiday!