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Let's Go To Work!

This week the students started to learn about different jobs in their community. We introduced different jobs during a class discussion and then played a matching game. The students had to match the worker with the building they work in. The first game they had to find their friend that had the matching card to what they had. The next game was a matching worksheet they did the next day.


Thursday Shooting Star and Savanna came together to watch some videos about different jobs. It’s a YouTube series call Imagine That!. Each video is about 5 minuets and features a kid talking about what they want to be when they grow up. Friday the students picked different hats to make for free play. The hats represent different jobs in the community. They colored and cut them themselves and the teachers helped put them together. It was a lot of fun!

SS/SV両クラス一緒にビデオ鑑賞を楽しみました。”Imagine That”というシリーズ化されている、色々な職業についてのビデオをYouTube で観ました。一つおよそ5分程のこのシリーズは、子供の将来の夢(なりたい職業)を仕事内容を踏まえて紹介されている構成になっています。金曜日には、色々な職業を表現している帽子を制作し、働く人になりきりました。子供達は、紙に描かれた絵に色塗りし、ハサミで切り、先生に帽子に仕上げてもらいました。とても楽しかったです。

We hope everyone has a nice, long and fun Obon holiday. Stay safe!