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Learning about our responsibilities (Milky Way)

We had a shorter week in class than usual, but it did not stop us from making the most of our time in the classroom!

In UOI, we are still learning about Roles and Responsibilities which is our LOI 1 for this unit. This week, we focused on the concept of responsibility. We learned that our class is like a team and each one has a role to play and responsibilities to fulfill. We had storytelling about a teacher’s role in the classroom. Then, the students identified teachers’ responsibilities based on what they observe every day in the class. After that, we proceed by listing the responsibilities of students when they are in school. Some of the responsibilities that they mentioned are cleaning up, listening to the teacher, changing books, finishing the food, and a lot more! The Milky Way Kids also learned that keeping their lockers tidy is one of their responsibilities as well. So, we had an activity where the students illustrated how messy and clean locker would look like. The students were also given some time to organize and tidy up their lockers. We will post their illustrations of a tidy locker in our classroom so that they will always be reminded of how it should always look like. 


We also had a chance to talk about our responsibilities at home. We discussed some of the common and easy chores that we could do to help out with our family. They realized that a family is also like a team, and they also have to try their best to contribute even with simple tasks. So this long weekend, the Milky Way kids will try to accomplish some of their tasks and responsibilities at home!


We had hot and humid weather this week, so the Milky Way class had a chance to enjoy the outdoor pool. They were all so happy spending their time in the water! This is our way of beating the summer heat!


Please enjoy the 4-day weekend, everyone! Stay safe and until next time!