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“Social Skills Flourishing In Groups” Meadow- July 27-31


Hello Everyone!


Every child in Meadow class is cherished and well-taken cared of. We understand that, for them to learn social skills, they need to learn first how to communicate. With that being said, we, teachers, tried to connect our feelings with them for us to understand what they want to express especially when they struggled to put their feelings in words. As Meadow teachers, we make sure that we always communicate with them-both inside and outside the class. We play with them and we laugh with them. We do that to provide for them an environment where they can flourish their social skills. When we walk to the park, we always talk first the rules for walking which everyone is aware of. Along the way, we have free conversation, mostly what we have learned in the class. In the park, we usually see them play in groups. In every activity we make sure that everyone gets involved. It’s really good seeing them improve their social skills among many other skills day by day. Keep it up Meadow!


Have a great weekend everyone. Stay safe with your family.