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A Clean Body is a Healthy Body (Milky Way)

The fun never stops in Milky Way class as we continue our learning activities for our second line of inquiry, which is about Habits that keep us Healthy. After we finished our lesson about Healthy Food, we had our SOLO Taxonomy activity where the students assessed their own learning and figured out ways in which they can improve. The goal in our Healthy Food lesson is for the students to create their own version and Healthy Plate and everyone did a fantastic job in doing this task. They even presented the healthy plates they ate during the Golden Week. They all looked so healthy and yummy!

Unit1、2つ目の探求テーマ「健康に保つ習慣」が始まり、Milky Wayクラスでは今週もたくさんの楽しい活動をしました!健康的な食事(ヘルシーフード)について学んだ後、SOLOアセスメントをしました。子供たちが自分でどのぐらい進歩したかを知る活動です。ヘルシーフードのレッスンの目標は、自分たちでオリジナルのヘルシープレートが作れることです。クラスでは自分たちのヘルシープレートを色鉛筆で描いて、栄養バランスのとれたプレートをみんなとても上手に作ることが出来ました!ゴールデンウィーク中にお家で実際の食べ物で作ったヘルシープレートは、写真を見せてみんなの前で発表しました。とってもヘルシーで美味しそうなプレートばかりでした。保護者の皆さまには、活動にご協力頂きまして、ありがとうございました。(^^)

The second topic for our LOI 2 is about Hygiene. We started this topic with a fun game called Glitter Challenge. Each student had some glitter glue on their hands. We touched different parts of the classroom and the toys around us. We noticed how the glitters spread on all the surfaces that we touched. The students realized that this is how germs can easily spread in all the things that we touch. Then, we watched a video to learn more about germs and how they can cause harm to our bodies. We also made our Germ Craft, which we will use as campaign materials for this unit.


Next, we had a fun little experiment that showed the Milky Way kids the importance of proper handwashing. We sprinkled some pepper in a dish with water. Then, we dipped our fingers into the dish and the kids saw that specks of pepper covered our fingers. Afterward, we tried dipping our fingers covered with liquid soap into the water with pepper and the kids were amazed to see how the pepper immediately moved away from the fingers with soap. Through this simple experiment, the students realized the importance of soap in keeping our bodies clean. We also practiced the right way of washing our hands.

次に、正しい手洗いをすることの大切さを知るための小さな実験をしました。お皿に入れた水の中に胡椒をふりかけ、その中に指を入れると指にたくさんの胡椒が付くことを確認しました。次に指に石鹸を付けてから、同じような胡椒の入った水に指を入れました。するとびっくり!石鹸のついた指の周りから、サーっと胡椒がお皿の周りに逃げていきました。この実験を通して、Milky Wayのみんなは石鹸を使って体をきれいにすることがとても効果的だという事を学びました。楽しい手洗い動画を見ながら、正しく手を洗う方法も練習しました。

A clean body is a healthy body! We must always practice these healthy habits to keep us away from germs. Thank you for reading our blog. Until next time!