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Thinking outside the box (Milky Way)

Hello everyone!

This week was all about thinking outside the box for the Milky Way class! We continued our art exploration with a book called “The Dot” which is about trusting one’s capabilities and believing that you can achieve greater things. The students did their own version of dot artworks and they all turned out wonderful. It is amazing to think, how a simple mark such as a dot can lead to a spectacular art.

Next, we moved on to another book called “Not a Box”, which is about an imaginative rabbit that turns its box into several different things. The Milky Way students loved this book so much and they got inspired to make their own “Not a Box” creation. They used a variety of available materials and think out of the box to make their masterpiece. This activity really showed how creative they all are.

We also had very nice weather throughout the week and so we grabbed this opportunity to go outside and walk to the nearest park. It is always a nice experience to feel the fresh air and enjoy the scenery.

The Milky Way students had so much fun this week! We hope that it will also be the same for your weekend!